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A little studio update for you! This is what I have been working on this month... I have decided to create a miniature series of work (fit in the palm of your hand!) that will reflect series past, present and future! They will all be one of a kind, hand built pieces (no casting or multiples!) and they will be more affordable and can fit anywhere in your house compared to my other works which require much more space. In the slide show is a sneak preview of what is to come for you to enjoy and hopefully buy so I can keep building bigger works and move out of my parents house.

As well, I have also been working on new pieces in my new, in progress series, Inside Out. Not all my new pieces are shown in the slide show, but you can get the idea... There is a nice creepy squirrel with roses bursting from its chest, as well you can see I have recently (yesterday and today) started a new method of hand building where I am now building in the 360 so I can create more dynamic gestures as I realized a lot of my work was very vertical as I always coil built. The piece in the picture, which will be my version of a genet with lots of additions and will be mounted onto a ceramic, spherical, carved base, is built solid, then is chopped up, hollowed out, details added to each piece and refined, then I'll reconstruct it, add more details, the feet and the head. 

Hoping for as many shows this new year as I had last year! I had solid back to back shows from august to december 7th- thank you everyone! As well, I had good sales including the sale of Fat Man at the Robots and Monsters show at the Ayden Gallery- good by my boar, I will miss you!

Thanks for all the support and if you want to buy my work , feel free to contact me any time! 

Love Kathleen