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This was my previous logo. I liked it.. but I've had visions for improving it.
This is actually my second logo... my first was... special. Still my bird... but special.

Finally I've sat down and pushed past my fears of having to draw, as I like to sculpt, and have created my new logo, which is actually based off my Parrotlet named Chewy. Me and her are two peas in a pod despite being different species. 

BEHOLD... the first COLOURED version of my logo and the new Black and White!

have been accepted through a jury to now be an artist with work for sale in the Gallery of BC Ceramics on Granville Island in VANCOUVER, B.C.! 

I am so excited because for the first time, you can buy and collect my work all year long! I will however, still show in other galleries, but this way you can view my work and purchase when I am not in shows and support my art practice!

In the Gallery of BC Ceramics you will be able to view and buy my Sculptural work from a variety of series be able to view and buy pieces from my newest "Mini" Collection, which are smaller sculptural pieces, and you will be able to buy pieces from my "Heads" Collection, which are quirky, wall-hanging animal heads!

All are ceramic, all are quirky and all need a wonderful home! Please take pictures if you visit them and tag them with the hashtag #kathleenmcgiveron. Thanks so much and looking forward to them moving into your home! All my work is one-of-a-kind, hand built and CERAMIC!