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See three of my latest birds from The END is NOW at the Gallery of BC Ceramics in August!

The Gallery of BC Ceramics is hosting a show called "Put a Bird on It" featuring anything that has a bird on, in, or depicting and of course, it must be made of clay. I have submitted three pieces that have been accepted to the show which are "Hormone Chicken", "Mutant Chicken" and "Biohazard Chicken" from my The END is NOW series. They will be on display there August 28 - September 28 2014 assuming they have enough space for everyone's work ;) (small place). I am very excited as this, so far, is the first and soonest showing of my newest work to the public! I have finally released all the images of The END is NOW virtually to the public so now I am applying to lots of shows locally, and soon hoping to apply to other provinces and near by states... Time to get the work out there! As well as make new work for my next series...

Well if you would like to see me and my work, I'll be at the Opening Reception - Thursday, August 28, 5-7pm