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I am super happy to announce I am in Robots and Monsters for a second time at the Ayden Gallery in Vancouver BC! I have 8 new Ceramic and Acrylic pieces on display and available for purchase!! These are all specially created for the theme of the show and I spent many month of my life creating these works.

Please check them out and YES these are available to purchase so you can add them to your collection!

Robots & Monsters - Opening October 9, 2015 - 7pm to 11pm

Arden Marrow Ross
Jay Cabalu
Rachael Stableford
Kathleen McGiveron
Simon LaPlante
Megan Majewski
Kyle Huculak
Flavia Chen
Christel Chan
Brutally Beautiful
Scot Bullick
Mia Dungeon
Jenn Brisson
Colin Tan
Charles Tan
Belinda Williams
Jamil Maom
Jordan Westre
Fiona Tang
Katie So
Kelly Shpeley
Sunny Shah
Jane Q Cheng
Max Parsons
Hayley Steward
Lara Hjorthoy
Lisa Penz
Errol Stussi
Babak Bina
Ricardo Bonisoli
Andrew Tavukciyan

Exhibition Closes November 1, 2015

Check out two of my newest and only dirty pieces to date!! These are both 8.5 inches tall and are a mash up of a few things. The one with yellow is titled "Very Nice!" and the other is "I See Ur Boobies + I Like Them A Lot". Both pieces are Ceramic and Acrylic. Visit the Hot Art Wet City Gallery in Vancouver BC until October 24th to add these two to your collection!