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See my work on Granville Island again after the "Put A Bird On It" exhibition at the Concourse Gallery at Emily Carr University in their first annual "Art Market". I will be selling select pieces from all of my series at the event on the two days and will be accepting cash and cards (working on setting up a square reader on my phone!). It will be a great opportunity for you to see some of my work out of the studio and I would love to meet you all! I hear there are going to be tons of other awesome alumni and each vendor will be donating a piece to the door prizes so it is worth to come just for the chance to win one of those!

"A new annual highlight on Vancouver’s art market scene! 

Presented as a part of The Comeback, Emily Carr’s annual alumni reunion, The Art Market will showcase the work of our talented alumni in the same way that The Student Art Sale highlights that of our students.

The Art Market will take place in the Concourse Gallery September 27 and 28 from 11am - 5pm." 

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09/09/2016 5:36am

Nice to be hearing about this kmcgiveron-art site, keep doing in the same way with better updates, thanks for sharing . Mainly this giving us info about the art market emily carr university ill be there.

06/09/2017 1:52am

How I wish I have the chance to attend this art exhibit. Your artwork is so cool and it is wonderfully done. I wonder what particular materials and equipment did you use? I'm sure a lot of people grabbed the chance to buy that artwork. Please update us with your next art exhibit. Thank you very much.

10/08/2016 12:07am

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01/29/2017 6:50am

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02/02/2017 9:13am

Your visiting at the University's art gallery will encourage students in performing more for their future.

02/05/2017 8:02pm

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05/07/2017 5:54am

Can I visit your studio and look at some of your art works? And buy somthing, if it's possible.

06/22/2017 3:49am

It was a great experience to be at "Put A Bird On It" exhibition. I had found many unique sculptures and craft works of talented artists there. I bought some of them home. They are worth for money. Congrats to you for being a part of this great exhibition.


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