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YESSSS I am so excited, check it out!!! I am featured on Musing About Mud on the Emerging Artist page! Please go check it out, explore Carole Epp's FANTASTIC blog called Musing About Mud and leave a comment if you like!! Share it with EVERYONE! I would appreciate it! 

Thanks Carole Epp, YOU ROCK!!! 




08/02/2015 2:59am

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04/18/2017 12:54am

I am really glad to hear such good news. It feels like, every hard work and sacrifices that you made is finally being paid off. Huge congrats to you. You really did an amazing job, being successful in doing what you really love doing in your life. I bet your friends and family are so proud of you right now. I would definitely check it out and share it too with everyone who's really into art. Continue being creative and I know that one day all of your artworks would finally bring success to you.

07/11/2016 8:41pm

Ohhh, I'm so excited about this too! Cool

08/05/2016 10:38am

It's a great success! My sincere congratulations! I will check it.

02/08/2017 12:54pm

I would like to congratulate you in your achievements! I am sure you are popular clay artist now. I hope you can post more of your work here in your site and surely we will amaze of your ideas. Thank you for sharing this good news. I wish you more success in your clay journey.

02/12/2017 1:30pm

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02/19/2017 9:38am

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03/14/2017 3:03am

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