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I have been invited to be a part of Robots and Monster at the Ayden Gallery in Vancouver! I am so excited to be able to show in this space! With my extremely tight deadline (a week and a half) I threw away sleep and having a life and dedicated my self to creating the following 5 pieces and re painting a plinth for each. Professional pictures are to come soon, as well as their titles and the title of my newest series in progress. These are the first pieces of the newest series, which as you see is very different from the previous three... no more zombies (sorry)! I will be exploring internal emotions, using references to pop culture as the way I treat my surfaces (can you tell? ;) )

At the bottom of this post you can view the 5 newest sculptures in my studio complete to the beginning, a complete documentation of the process! Enjoy! Please come to the opening this week!!!!
Robots And Monsters: Ayden Gallery
Opening November 14, 2014 - 7pm to 11pm 

Jenn Brisson / Phresha / Bianca Lemus / Michael O / Nathan Veiland / James Lloyd / Jane Tian / Lauren Carr / Kaylynn Kallweit / Don King / Zoe Renner-Rao / Mabel Jong / Errol Stussi / Shawn Pedralba / Jake Hope / Kelly Shpeley / Katie So / Priscilla Yu / Colin Johnson / Chris Alderson / Mary Pines / Seb Barnett / Carime Quezada / Corine Bond / Allison Koberstein / Katy Springer / Troy Steen / Shane Molina / Simon Laplante / Ted Munz / Guillem Rovira / Mike Myhre / Jamie Bizness / Zed Alexandra / Tony Velocity / Francis Bantayen / Roxanne Gagnon / Tasha Zimich / Francis Tiffany / Kyle Huculak / Kathleen McGiveron

Exhibition Closes December 7, 2014

88 West Pender Street
#2103 2nd Floor
International Village
V6B 6N9
Vancouver BC


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Wow, your works are awesome! I don't really know, how do you do all that... but it's great!


I like your style. It's a great artwork. Thanks for this post.

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