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Artists Fiona Tang's Art and Kathleen McGiveron will be showing new work at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in the Emily Carr University Alumni Gallery. Both these artists create animal based work with materials that crumble to dust as they create. Fiona Tang uses charcoal and Kathleen McGiveron uses clay. Join these two artists at their reception and immerse yourself within their wild and whimsical imaginations. 

Join us on July 29th from 6:30 - 8:30 PM at our OPENING RECEPTION! As we have a limited guest list allowed to us by the QUEEN E, we can only have around 35 guests SO first come first serve! If you RSVP please ensure you're actually able to come to the event! We will have to put you on a guest list. You must RSVP by July 25th!

Fiona Tang: Vancouver-based artist Fiona Tang creates large-scale murals of animals using charcoal, chalk pastel, and acrylic on paper that at first glance appear 3D. Tang makes use of a technique called trompe l’oeil where shadows and perspective within the two dimensional drawing are used to trick the viewer into thinking the piece is three dimensional. Tang recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and you can see more of her work over on Facebook.

Visit her website at: 

Kathleen McGiveron: "I am a ceramicist and I am openly addicted to clay. I produce provocative work that has a strong connection to popular culture and embraces traditions in ceramics. The sculptures I create are inspired by kitsch figurines, especially Red Rose’s Wade figurines and miniatures, and reference contemporary trends to create a narrative within my work. It is important to me that I include humor in my work and it is often impish or sarcastic and is sometimes politically charged. Each series I do is very different from the previous and each explores a topic which is influenced by my passions or movements in contemporary culture which I feel I need to reflect."

Kathleen McGiveron's work uses the idea of ceramic figurines to present her reflections on popular culture, politics and contemporary movements. McGiveron graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2011, completed her teaching degree at Simon Fraser University in 2012 and currently teaches Visual Arts to students in the Langley School District. McGiveron was represented by the SMASH Gallery of Modern Art in Vancouver from 2012 to when it closed in 2013, and is currently a gallery artist in the Gallery of B.C. Ceramics. 

McGiveron is the founder of the Contemporary Ceramic Collective and is a board member of the B.C. Potters guild.

McGiveron’s work has been exhibited in Vancouver and Langley. Her latest shows were at the SMASH Gallery of Modern Art where she participated in the exhibition “4 Artists who don’t know you either” (2012), “Feature Artist” at the Gallery of B.C. Ceramics (2013), “Put A Bird On It” (2014) at the Gallery of B.C. Ceramics, “The Art Market” (2014) at Emily Carr University, and “Feature Creature” (2014) at The FALL Tattoo and Artist’s Gallery, and “Robots and Monsters” (2014) at the Ayden Gallery.

Visit her website at

Visit the Facebook Event to RSVP at:



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