‘Inspired’ and ‘Irregular’

December 23, 2012 in Shows by Kathleen McGiveron


Inspired and Irregular poster 2


New works by Pat Barker and Kathleen McGiveron

Inspired and Irregular bring together the works of Pat Barker and Kathleen McGiveron.mFor Pat Barker’s paintings, it is ‘Inspired’ and for Kathleen’s low brow, ceramic sculptures, it’s ‘IrReGulaR’; a duel show coming together as one.

Pat Barker is a retired firefighter and documentary filmmaker, whose inspiration to paint, came at a crossroad while shooting a documentary in Duqm, Oman.

“I had been commissioned to document an artist’s retreat, with 31 artists from very diverse backgrounds, in Duqm, a developing port town, about a day’s drive from Muscat.

The trip to Oman was put together literally overnight,” explains Pat. “Within 48 hours of being awarded the contract, I found myself in the middle of the dessert, in the Middle East, literally in the middle one of the most significant archaeological sites in the world. Interacting with the artists, and especially a tour of Vera Mauro’s studio in Sohar, I found myself wanting to put down the camera and paint. There is a physicality to Vera’s painting – I’d never seen anyone paint like that.”

Barker didn’t realize it at the time, but Vera Mauro would have a tremendous impact on her picking up a paintbrush again. A few months later, Pat settled in Fort Langley, and after a recent robbery, was left with nothing to hang on the walls. “I started painting and when all the walls were filled, I didn’t want to stop, so I applied to the Fort Gallery”

“I’ve felt a connection to the pencil since childhood, really – right back to when I was first taught to hold a pencil. In the past, I’ve only ever painted realistic looking paintings, and prefer watercolour pencil crayons because of the control the pencil allows. Working in acrylic – this is something very different from anything I’ve ever done before. Painting like this – I feel vulnerable. Naked.”

Pat is opening ‘The Pencil Studio’ in the new work-live spaces, in Bedford Landing’s Flatiron building in the Spring of 2013.

Kathleen McGiveron, ceramicist, is represented by the SMASH Gallery of Modern Art (smashmodernart.com) in Vancouver B.C. and is a member of The Fort Gallery. She recently has shown work at ‘4 Artists Who Don’t Know You Either’ (SMASH Modern Art), 2012 Art for Life Auction, and ‘Cram Some Art Into Your Christmas’ (on until Dec. 31st at SMASH Modern Art). She also will be a featured artist at the Gallery of B.C. Ceramics in May 2013.

Kathleen describes, “the sculptures I create are inspired by the figurine. By using the body of figurines the sculptures appear traditional, but at second glance it is revealed that these scaled-up figurines have had their decals or possessions stripped and replaced with unconventional, popular logo patterning through method of decal, or with hand built, pop icons.

I am interested in the way pop icons and imagery can replace traditional images used as surface decoration on ceramic ware. Historically, culture has been preserved on the surface of ceramics; it is my aim to document as well as create a dialogue about our contemporary culture on the surfaces of my sculptures. In a way, my works are almost an anti-monument: the viewer is able to relate to the piece and recognize that what is occurring in my sculptures is connected to what is happening today. They are about what the peoples are interested in. I specifically document that which is most popular at the moment; as time passes and fads go out of style and our culture’s interest’s change, my sculptures change as well.”


Kathleen McGiveron
Twitter: @kmcgiveron

Pat Barker