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"Pixie", 2015. 16.5”h x 8”w x 8”d Ceramic and Acrylic. Sold.

Creepy is the New Cute

Kathleen McGiveron | Artist

About Me

I am an artist who is interested in the juxtapositions of creepy and cute, and real and surreal. I seek to create a dialogue or interaction between characters. Often, my artworks are influenced by kitsch, ceramic figurines, are inspired by nature, and play with satire. I like to play with juxtapositions, embellishment, sentimentality, and humor which can range from cheerful to sarcastic. In each of the series I create, I explore rebellious, bizarre characters that I have developed, and explore topics which are influenced by my passions, interests, or movements in contemporary culture which I feel I need to reflect.

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Creative Works


I primarily create ceramic sculptures and it is my main focus. The medium speaks to me and I am overcome with a rush of ideas when I touch it.


I dabble in painting as well, creating my sculpted creatures in their surreal habitats in painted works, either in acrylic or watercolor paints.

Ms Artastic

In addition to creating art, I have a business called Ms Artastic where I support Art Education and design Art Lessons and Curriculum for Art Teachers and anyone who wants to teach art to kids. I have a blog, art lesson store, Podcast, and YouTube Channel to support teachers and anyone interested in Art Education.


Kathleen McGiveron’s rebellious and strange, lowbrow artwork uses the style of the kitsch, ceramic figurine to present her reflections on popular culture, politics, and internal musings. McGiveron graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECUAD) in 2011 and completed her teaching degree at Simon Fraser University in 2012.  McGiveron has been showing her work both in commercial and public galleries in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley since graduating from ECUAD.

McGiveron’s work has been exhibited in contemporary and lowbrow galleries in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Some exhibitions include: “4 Artists who don’t know you either” (2012) at the SMASH Gallery of Modern Art, “Robots and Monsters” (2014 & 2015) at the Ayden Gallery, “Boobies and Wieners” (2015 & 2017) at the Hot Art Wet City Gallery, “MIXa-PEDIA (Play With It)”, Gallery of BC Ceramics, “Creatures from Dust”, Queen Elizabeth Theatre – Emily Carr University Alumni Gallery, “Sculptures & Soundscapes”, at  The Fall Tattooing and Art Gallery,  “Best of BC”, at the Gallery of BC Ceramics, the 2018 “From Oven and Kiln” fundraising auction by the North-West Ceramic Foundation, and most recently, “Of The Standard Of Taste” at The Reach Gallery and Museum in Abbotsford BC which was a duo show featuring the works of both Kathleen McGiveron and Andrea Hooge which explored both artist’s love for childhood sentimentality, unnerving aesthetic, kitsch, and lowbrow.


Kathleen McGiveron

British Columbia, Canada